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December 30, 2013

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Porcelain restorations look very natural and are the perfect choice for our patients who only want to make minor changes to the look of their smile. Porcelain veneers are wafer-thin shells, made from tooth-colored materials that are designed to cover the front side of your teeth. Custom made for each patient, porcelain veneers can treat gaps, stains, chips, or crooked teeth, with incredible results. Another kind of porcelain restoration used at our Wanamassa dental office is a porcelain crown. Made of ceramic materials to craft a more natural look, the result is a healthy shine that looks incredibly like natural white tooth enamel. Using porcelain in dental restorations offers much more than a cosmetic benefit, and with crowns can actually make the root of your tooth stronger.

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In effort to understand why porcelain is used in so many dental restorations, it's important to understand what porcelain is. Porcelain is a term that relates to a class of ceramic material that refers to the whiteness of the ceramic. It doesn’t represent its mechanical properties or composition, so it's only natural to choose a type of porcelain when considering a ceramic to be placed on your teeth. At our Wanamassa dental office, we are well aware that porcelain is not the only materials we can use for tooth restorations but when looking for a natural appearance, it’s the best choice.

There used to be limitations to using all-ceramic restorations, such as porcelain veneers, because of how fragile they were, but there have been technological advances that have created extremely durable composite ceramics. What this means is, more than 90% of porcelain veneers stay in place more than ten years after their placement and they remain as natural looking as they are functional. In the past, we have recommended gold restorations at our Wanamassa dental office, specifically if a patient had a tooth-grinding habit. Gold crowns are made of cast gold, which is a technique that has been around for over one hundred years and has been known to produce restorations that wear better and last longer. However, as the desire for a more aesthetically pleasing, natural looking tooth increases, the use of gold decreases. At our Wanamassa dental office, Marc Berley, DMD, has mastered his expertly gentle technique, to give you the natural-looking results you want.

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