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Ocean Township Gum Disease Specialist

March 21, 2013

Ocean Township Gum Disease Specialist

Periodontal disease can be frightening and present numerous disturbing and even painful symptoms. The disease can begin innocently enough, initially presenting itself in the form of excess plaque (a composition of leftover food and germs). When plaque, which is ordinarily removed from the tooth through nightly brushing and flossing as well as regular dental cleanings with your Ocean Township dentist, is not removed from the tooth it hardens and becomes what is known as tartar. The germs present in the plaque in time can affect the gums, resulting in inflammation. Eventually the inflammation begins to attack the tissues surrounding the gum, affecting even the bone itself. At this stage teeth and gum begin to separate, creating gaps in the gum known as periodontal pockets. These pockets become difficult to clean, which can lead to a gradual destruction of bone, and eventually the loss of teeth.

Ocean Township Gingivitis

Relatively pain-free, periodontal disease can be difficult to detect on your own. At Marc Berley, DMD, we strive to recognize these symptoms at the earliest possible stage and prevent the disease from ever reaching the point of tooth loss. Upon diagnosis of periodontal disease, Ocean Township Gum Specialist, Dr. Berley will perform an examination to determine the extent of the disease, which involves gauging how inflamed the gums are as well as whether the tooth have begun to loosen.

After the examination process has been completed, Dr. Berley, will numb the teeth and begin the cleaning process. The plaque, tartar, and germs are carefully removed from the periodontal pockets and teeth, creating an overall clean environment under which the gums can begin to heal. Although the entire process may seem frightening, the majority of patients require little more than Motrin or Tylenol for a day or two following the procedure.

In the capable hands of trusted Ocean Township Gum Specialist, Marc Berley, DMD, your beautiful confident smile will be back in no time.

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