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Ocean Pediatric Dentist

November 17, 2014

Comprehensive Dental Care for Kids in Ocean, NJ

Ocean Pediatric Dentist

Marc Berley, DMD, our Ocean pediatric dentist, offers dental care for patients of all ages and is proud to offer pediatric services for your children. Teaching a child about how to properly care for their teeth is an important lesson that begins at home and is followed up with professional intervention and oversight. At Marc Berley, DMD’s office in Ocean, the staff adjust their techniques to be especially lighthearted and fun to appeal to establish a comfortable environment for younger patients. Part of a pediatric dental appointment includes education regarding oral health habits.

For many new parents, the question of when to begin proper dental habits is a primary concern. According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, a child should have their first dental exam either when their first tooth appears or by their first birthday. Parents can begin home care by using a toothbrush on baby or primary teeth in the same manner they would their own and for the same reasons. Keeping teeth clean and clear of food buildup is a practice the child may be made aware of as early as possible to ensure good dental habits continue throughout childhood and develop into a lifelong practice.

Pediatric dental care by our Ocean pediatric dentist will include many of the same aspects as adult care. An examination of teeth and gums with age appropriate explanations and guidance for your child can be the foundation of good oral hygiene and may contribute to not only healthy teeth and gums, but an easy relationship with a dentist that does not include fear and anxiety. Best dental practices include annual exams that are pain free without causing emotional distress and by beginning in childhood, a lifelong habit that ensures a healthy smile can be established.

For expert care by an Ocean pediatric dentist, call Marc Berley, DMD’s office at 732-686-6500 to schedule an appointment. Day and evening appointments are available and we look forward to meeting with you and your child.
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