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September 28, 2015

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At our Asbury Park dental office, Marc Berley, DMD sees many patients with teeth that are missing and knows it can be devastating, whatever the cause. Dr. Berley, and our well-educated staff, are dedicated to not only keeping our patients teeth healthy but also the best looking they can be. We use state-of-the-art equipment to give you the brighter smile you want and, when necessary, can provide you with dental bridges that are not only natural looking but functional as well.

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With a professional, compassionate manner, we listen to your needs and goals and suggest the best treatment options for you. When missing teeth makes it difficult to chew, a dental bridge could be the best solution. A fixed bridge is a non-removable appliance used by Dr. Berley to replace single or multiple missing teeth. The empty space is filled with porcelain crowns that are connected to the teeth on both sides of the space. Usually requiring two to three visits to our Asbury Park dental office, porcelain bridges are very durable and will last for many years. If the shape of your face has changed due to missing teeth, a porcelain bridge not only restores its shape, but can alleviate any stress or embarrassment caused by the missing teeth. A missing tooth can also be the start of other dental issues, including loss of more teeth and the shifting of adjacent teeth. These problems can also cause an imbalanced bite and difficulty chewing.

Dental bridges are often called a "fixed bridge" or "fixed partial denture." Fixed, because unlike a traditional denture, they cannot be removed. A conventional bridge is made with a combination of a false tooth, or teeth, edged on each side by crowns. At our Asbury Park dental office, we cement the crowns over your healthy teeth on each side of the missing space, and the false tooth, or teeth, bridge the gap in between. Dr. Berley makes sure to explain every part of your treatment with you so you know exactly what to expect, and how we will be giving you back your healthy, beautiful smile.

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