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November 27, 2015

Teeth whitening in Allenhurst NJ

Looking for an easy makeover technique? Consider teeth whitening procedures with trusted Allenhurst cosmetic dentist, Dr. Marc Berley. If you're tired of staring into the mirror and seeing yellowed teeth, come to our dental practice to learn more about the latest tooth whitening methods. Not only do we offer professional in-office whitening, but we also provide at-home teeth bleaching packages, which offer the same great results for a more affordable price.

Allenhurst Cosmetic Dentist

Though you may think teeth whitening is as simple as applying a lightening solution to your stained teeth, at our dental practice, we take more care before performing this cosmetic procedure. Because our Allenhurst general dentists take pride in providing our patients with exceptional outcomes, we like to perform a thorough oral exam to figure out the cause of your teeth staining. Finding the root of your discoloration problems is important to not only prevent further teeth staining, but to determine how successful tooth whitening will be. Unfortunately, our professional teeth whitening procedures do not perform well on tetracycline spots, oral appliances like dental crowns and veneers, or stains due to medications. Additionally, if our dentists find that your teeth are tarnished due to faulty fillings or decay, it will require repair before you receive teeth whitening treatment.

To enhance and maintain your newly brightened smile, you'll also receive an at-home teeth lightening techniques kit. Our at-home lightening packages use custom lightening containers made from impressions of your teeth. To maximize your aesthetic results, our dentists will provide you with specific instructions for your at-home care. To learn more about teeth whitening, schedule a cosmetic consultation with Dr. Berley today!

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