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Dental Care in Newark NJ

August 24, 2017

Dentures in Newark NJ

Dental Care in Newark NJ

If you have a full row of teeth that need to be replaced, it is likely that you are getting dentures. At our dental practice, Marc Berley, DMD, you can receive complete dental care in Newark NJ including getting attractive, comfortable, and fully-functional dentures.

When you get dentures as part of your dental care in Newark NJ, it is important that your dentures are well taken care of so they can last for a long time. When you get dentures, they may be either full or partial dentures. Full dentures replace a full row of upper or lower teeth. Partial dentures will replace some teeth, but will be shaped to work around teeth which are remaining in your mouth. When you first leave our office with your new dentures in your mouth, do not be surprised if they feel a bit awkward or bulky. This is a very common reaction as wearing dentures is a major change, and it will take a little while for your mouth to get used to them. However, in a short amount of time, you will find that you are feeling extremely comfortable with your new dentures, which certainly will give you an attractive smile. You will need to remove your dentures several times a day, as directed by our dentist, for cleaning. When this is done, you will want to stand over a sink or table that has a soft towel placed over it so your dentures will not be hurt if they inadvertently fall. If your dentures do become bent, or damaged in any way, you should never attempt to fix them by yourself. Instead, simply contact us, and our dentist may even be able to fix the dentures right here in our office. You will also want to make sure that you never leave the dentures out of your mouth for any extended period, without soaking them as directed by our dentist. This can cause dentures to become warped or otherwise damaged.

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